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Hosting + Maintenance (70)

This hosting solution is for businesses who would like website maintenance in addition to hosting. With this package, D3 Solutions will provide 1 hour of customer service per month.

This includes questions, concerns, minor changes, and fixing what is broken as well as monthly upgrades to Wordpress core files and plugins and weekly backups of the website.  This does not include major additions or changes to the site including adding new pages or new websites to the hosting environment.  If major additions or changes to the site are necessary, D3 Solutions will issue an estimate or charge hourly pending client approval.  Hours not used in a month do not rollover.  If more than one hour per month is needed, services will be rendered at the 'as-needed' rate provided by D3 Solutions before services are rendered.  If you think you may need more than one hour per month, please contact us for a custom hosting package.

This solution includes one yearly domain registration  (i.e.  Each additional domain registration will cost $15 per year.  If you already have your domain registered with another company, you may choose to transfer your domain to D3 Solutions domain registration or you may keep your domain with the current company.  If you choose to keep your domain with your current company, no credit will be issued for your unused domain registration nor will D3 Solutions take over payment to your current domain registration company.

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  • Hosting + Maintenance (70)
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